10 Amazing Climbing Photos

Climbing is one of those sports that can take you to some very picturesque places but it can also deliver some amazing photos. Below is a quick collection of 10 jaw-dropping shots that’ll inspire you to start climbing everything you see!

Ice climbing that will make your jaw drop

Shark’s Fin, Alabama Hills with Mount Whitney in the background.
Photo: Mark Wetter

No pain, no gain.

Moab, Utah.
Photo: James Neeley

Thanasis Paloudis climbing in Stefani Olympos
Photo: Stefanos Nikologiannis

Briksdalsbreen, Norway
Photo: Petter Sandell

Chris Sharma rock climbing / deep water soloing in Mallorca, Spain.

Photo: Qrodo Photos

The perfect boulder

Hanging on…
Photo: Jason Gotel

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