The Best Powder Skis For 2022-2023 | Skis That Offer Maximum Floatation For The Deep Days

A guide to the best powder skis, and why they're perfect for skiing in the deep stuff

Finding the right powder ski for you is essential stuff for days when the snow gods decide to dump snowfalls north of 20 cm on us. Powder skis carry a unique blend of heavy rocker, shovelled tips and tails with an extremely wide underfoot section to give them buoyancy and floatation in the soft stuff.

This increased floatation gives powder skis the unique ability to eliminate any unwanted tip dive, while keeping the skis manoeuvrable in deep snow for quick slashes and snorkel-induced shredding. So here goes. We’ve broken down all the important traits of a powder ski and recommended some of the finest out there right now. Now, finally, you can sleep easy. Now, finally, you can say you know the best powder skis for this winter.

Pictured: Markus Eder buttering the Volkl Revolt 121. Photo: Jordan Tiernan

How To Choose A Pair Of Powder Skis

Ski Widths Explained
How To Choose The Right Ski Length
Ski Shapes Explained
Ski Camber and Rocker Explained


What Makes A Great Pair Of Powder Skis?

Ski shaping and construction has progressed tenfold over the past few years, with more and more designs that make skiing the deep stuff not just easier, but a total blast – leaving you with fresher legs to keep going lap after lap. Here are a few of our recommended shapes and designs to look out for that go towards creating a great pair of powder skis.

Width and Length

Two pretty important features in making a handy powder ski are of course width and length – they’re the two attributes that give the ski larger surface area, after all. A large surface area equals more float when the going gets deep.

Modern skis with a waist width varying between 90 – 110 mm are considered a good all-mountain setup, with 110 mm plus the de facto powder width. We’ve only got two skis under a 110 mm waist width featured in this list of best powder skis.

Sizing for a big mountain / powder ski is relatively simple – because of the use of rocker in the tips create a shorter effective edge, advanced and above skiers will want to size 10 cm longer than your all mountain boards.


Rocker is the technique used to raise the tips and tails of the ski, so that when the ski is lay on a flat surface, a section of the tips and tails of the ski is lifted off the floor – this raised section is called rocker. Rocker avoids the dreaded tendency for skis to ‘tip dive’ and keeps the skis tracking well through deep snow.

While rocker helps in the deep stuff, it has the opposite effect on firm snow, as the effective edge that is able to contact the snow beneath becomes less, the more the tips and tails are raised.

Tip / Tail Taper

Taper refers to the technique used by ski brands to bring the widest point of the tip and tails closer towards the middle of the ski. Identified by a tip and tail that resemble a paddle of a canoe, taper gives skis that ‘surfy’ feel people love to describe skis, by avoiding the hooky feeling of traditional sidecuts.


The Best Powder Skis Of 2022-2023

What a list. We’ve packed it full of powder shapes that make powder skiing just that bit more enjoyable; fully rockered, twin tipped, soft noodles and stiff missiles – we’ve brought in the best to bring your powder dreams to life (kind of). Enjoy the turns.

Line Pescado

Why we chose the Line Pescado: Different, cool, creative
Lengths (cm): 180
Sidecut (mm): 158 / 125 / 144 (180 cm)
Radius: 19.5m (180 cm)
Weight (per ski): 1,950g
Price: £785


The Pescado is the powder ski from Line’s Swallowtail range. Yes, that’s right, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, It’s got a swallow tail. Pretty wicked if you ask us. It’s created to sink into powder, and to bring the nose up further for ample floatation without you (the skier) having to tear your quads up by sitting in the back seat.

The Pescado is quite obviously a ski made for powder. With it being 125 underfoot, having a swallow tail at the back, and being something of a shovel at the front, it’s safe to say you probably won’t want to take this ski out on the ice.

Line’s 5-cut multi-radius sidecut serves up a variety of turns depending on where you position yourself on the ski. This means that the Pescado makes use of five different radiuses, blended through the ski. This results in a more intuitive feel. The side wall is made up of ultra-high-density Polyethylene to absorb vibrations and provide powerful energy transmission.  The Pescado is fitted with Line’s Partly Cloudy Core, a blend of Paulownia and Maple. This setup means it has the best strength-to-weight ratio in their lineup.

Armada Whitewalker 121

Why we chose the Armada Whitewalker 121: Fun, pivotable, playful
Lengths (cm): 183, 191
Sidecut (mm): 141 / 121 / 137 (183 cm)
Radius: 18m (183 cm)
Weight (per ski): 1,850g (183 cm)
Price: £735


The whole Whitewalker range is sporting that signature Sammy C surfy design through and through. As the name suggests, the Whitewalker 121 features a massive 121 mm waist underfoot; making it the largest Whitewalker ski Armada (and Sammy) have produced.

The most defining part of the ski, that opens up the surfy possibilities, can be seen in the iconic pintail design. This helps to make the skis extremely manoeuvrable, while heavy rocker in the tips and tails further boosts the float values of these boats.

If switch powder skiing is your thing then you’ll be glad to know that Sammy has, quite understandably, built the Whitewalker 121 with a twinned tail. He’s done this so you can slash and pivot in switch, no matter how deep things get.

Volkl Revolt 121

Why we chose the Revolt 121: Fun, floaty, powerful
Lengths (cm): 177, 184 & 191cm
Sidecut (mm): 143 / 121 / 135 (All Lengths)
Radius: (R1) 20m, (R2) 19, (R3) 20 (184cm)
Weight (per ski): 2,320g (184cm)
Price: £650


To round this ski up, I could simply point you in the direction of a Legs of Steel production. You would understand much more about how these skis are built and why they are so popular, so please go and watch their stuff after reading this review. A culmination of Volkl’s professional backcountry team and Head ski engineers, who are responsible for some of the brands best creations, the Revolt 121 is nothing short of brilliant (even when compared to what they’ve created in the past).

Built to withstand some of the biggest impacts in the backcountry, whether that be a natural cliff drop or the consequences of a huge handmade booter, this freeride ski can take a beating. On top of this, it’s also the perfect tool to find yourself skiing fresh lines in the world’s deepest snow with.

Scott Pure Pro 109Ti

Sidecut (mm): 142 / 109 / 128 (190 cm)
Radius:23m (190 cm)
 £590 / €650

This is the all-new Scott Pure Pro 109Ti. It’s a ski that’s been built from the ground up with the exact specifications from the Swiss freeride maestro – Mr Jeremie Heitz. The result? Well, as you can tell by looking at the speed Jeremie skis some of the wildest faces on the planet, these skis are built, and shaped, to charge across any part of the mountain at speed.

This ski had to be capable of skiing powder and big mountain faces at home in Switzerland and high-altitude ski mountaineering in the Himalaya, while filming La Liste 2.



Chosen for the 21/22 Ski 100 – Take a closer look at the Scott Pure 109Ti here

K2 Mindbender 116C

Sidecut (mm): 143 / 116 / 133 (186 cm)
Radius: 23m (186 cm)
Price: £550 / €615 / $700

The Mindbender 116C takes the throne of K2’s widest Mindbender. Carrying a waist width of 116 mm and high and long rocker in the tips and tails, this ski is designed to crush the biggest days in resort while remaining light enough to keep your legs from burning out on the tenth lap of the day.

Chosen for the 21/22 Ski 100 – Take a closer look at the K2 Mindbender 116C here

Head Kore 111

Sidecut (mm): 140 / 111 / 127 (185 cm)
Radius: 21.1m (184 cm)
Price: £750 / €850 / $875

For the 2022 winter season, Head has given the Kore series an overhaul with a totally new construction process. This construction has binned the use of Koloryd and replaced it with a full-spanning wood core in an effort to keep performance at a premium. This ski, the Head Kore 111, mixes the powerful build that we’ve come to know and love with a freeride shape to create a ski that’s able to charge through, over and around any terrain in sight – just check out how many FWT podiums Hedvig Wessel has won on these skis.

Chosen for the 21/22 Ski 100 – Take a closer look at the Head Kore 111 here

black Diamond Impulse 112

Sidecut (mm): 139 / 112 / 126 (186 cm)
Radius: 21m (186 cm)
Price: £700 / €700 / $799

Sitting at the top of Black Diamond’s all-new Impulse range of resort / backcountry freeride skis, the Impulse 112 offers a large platform and a powerful build for pure big mountain freedom.

This has been achieved through shallower rocker lines that travel deep into the ski, which results in a ski that’s able to remain pivotable in soft snow, while not turning into a wet noodle when you decide to put the hammer down.



Chosen for the 21/22 Ski 100 – Take a closer look at the Black Diamond Impulse 112 here

Atomic Bent Chetler 120

Lengths (cm): 164, 172, 180, 188
Sidecut (mm): 129.5-100-120 (180cm)
Radius: 19.5m (180cm)
Rocker Profile: Rocker-Camber-Rocker
Weight (per ski): 1700g (180cm)
Price: £450


The skis that arguably set the benchmark for the playful powder ski – the Bent Chetler 120. The 120s were created  by atomic in partnership with the master of powder skiing himself  – Chris Benchetler. Chris was after a pair of skis that enabled him to ‘surf the mountain’. And, to be quite honest, we can’t think of a better way to sum up the Bent Chetler 120’s buoyancy and playfulness in the deep stuff.

As if a backing from Benchetler himself wasn’t enough to convince you that these are one of the best powder skis on the market right now, the Bent Chetler 120s come packing one of the finest topsheets out there.

The Bent Chetler 120’s really are a joy to behold and a joy to ski. But don’t just take our work for it. Listen to Benchetler talk you through the Bent Chetler 120’s history before demonstrating the ski’s surfability below.



Chosen for the 20/21 Ski 100 – Take a closer look at the Atomic Bent Chetler 120 here

Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM

Sidecut (mm): 147 / 122 / 134
Radius: 30m
Weight (per ski): 2220g
Price: £698

Buy here

The Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM has been designed for blasting your way around the mountains at mach-looney through any conditions you find out there. The original shaped Ragnarok was designed by Fred Syversen to be used as his weapon in Freeride World Tour. Now, as you can see the tips and tails have been given a asymmetrical shaping to make powder skiing that (little) bit more fun.

The Ragnarok ASYM is designed in such a way that the skiers who use it will find themselves floating across deep powder like Jesus did when he walked on water. Not only that, but the positive camber and full-length torsional stiffness (that’s what she said) guarantees incredible hold on even the most unforgiving of pistes.

The original Ragnarok shape has won independent ski tests, Freeride World Tour podium spots, and the love and affection of numerous professional athletes. Whether you’re a Jedi-level master of off-piste skiing or only just ditching the comfort of the groomed runs, the Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM has something to offer all you powder-pursuing skiers.

Chosen for the 2019/20 Mpora Backcountry Ski Guide – Take a closer look at the Whitedot Ragnarok ASYM here

DPS Wailer Alchemist 112


When DPS brought out the original wailer 112 design back in 2010, it soon became the go-to shape for those looking for a soft snow specific touring ski. The then unique blend of waist width, rocker and tapers tips/tails created a ski that flattered many. Now, DPS have gone and introduced their all-new Alchemist carbon build to this classic powder shape, in an effort to improve the dampening abilities of the skis when riding through less than ideal conditions.

Chosen for the 2019/20 Mpora Backcountry Ski Guide – Take a closer look at the DPS Alchemist Wailer 112 here

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