7 BMX Tracks, Trails & Parks You Should Ride Before You Die

These tracks are another level of gnarly

Photo: Red Bull

If you’ve watched the tour around Travis Pastrana’s house, you’ll know how sick his backyard set-up is.

The multiple gold medallist apparently built this superpark in his backyard for his cousin/Nitro Circus crew member Special Greg to get him into the BMX Big Air at the X-Games.

It’s got a mish-mash of hips, spines and quarters with a specially-constructed big air jump and mega quarterpipe builtĀ into it. The only other superpark like this exists at the X-Games, Camp Woodward and Bob Burnquist’s back garden, according to Red Bull.

Travis himself like a ride around on a BMX now and then, just for jokes. So if you wanna ride it, you’re going to have to get pally with him pronto.

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