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7 Inspirational Action Sports Athletes That Have Overcome Disabilites

It just goes to show, nothing should stop you from achieving your goals

Parasnowboard world champ Evan Strong dominates on a skateboard as well. Photo:

All athletes have to deal with injuries at some point. Some put them out of their sport for a few weeks, others maybe a year. Anyone who has ever been in that position will understand how soul-destroying it is sitting on a sofa, watching endless re-runs of Come Dine With Me and having to always ask someone else to make you a cup of tea.

However, nothing really compares to those who’ve suffered a life-changing injury. Being told you’ll never walk again is a whole new obstacle to overcome.

We’ve put together videos from seven inspirational riders with disabilities who’ve perservered when the going’s got really tough, all in pursuit of what they love.

From climbing Mt. Everest blind to sit-skiing California’s gnarly Bloody Couloir to performing the first double backflip in a wheelchair, these lads and ladies are unbelievably inspiring.

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