Mountain Biking

7 Of The Gnarliest Mountain Bike Trails In The World

How many of these will you be adding to your bucket list?

Would you cycle along this ridge? Photo: Victor Lucas

No one can deny that mountain biking is a gnarly sport in its own right.

However, when you throw in four-inch singletracks overlooking 2000ft drops with loose terrain, tree roots and boulders the size of small houses, it starts to enter a whole new levels of sketchy.

We’ve scoured the globe for the most dangerous, technical mountain bike trails around – from the treacherous roads of Bolivia to the Atlantic cliff tops of Ireland.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Utah alone could practically fill the entire rundown alone! We have just selected a few of the sketchiest trails we’ve come across.

So, will you be avoiding them or adding them to your bucket list?

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