The 8 Certain Ways to Save on Your Next Ski Holiday

Follow the code, and you'll be making your money go further

Cost of Ryanair to Memminngem from Stansted
Ryanair is incredibly cheap when you’re not taking any stuff, but the costs can quickly mount up.

The allure of a cheap flight is pretty strong. In fact sometimes it seems too good to be true. And to be honest where skiing is concerned it often is. If you’re opting to book all of the elements of your ski holiday separately you need to beware that lowfare airlines charge through the roof for baggage.

If you take a look on Ryaniair’s website and find a cheap flight from Stansted to Memmingen (just outside Munich), then work out the costs to the nearest ski resort, then the additional costs were a bit of an eye opener.

Ryanair will charge you £50 for a 15kg bag and a staggering £100 for your skis – ouch. In addition to this cost, you have to fend for yourself when it comes to getting to resort from the airport.

Train from Memmingen to Spitzingee
If you DIY your holiday, make sure you remember the transfer cost. A train from Memmingem (near Munich) to Spitzingee is €34.40 – and that’s one of the cheaper airport connections!

As a general rule, Austrian resorts are pretty well serviced by public transport. French resorts are not so easy to get to. A transfer to Val d’Isere from Lyon for example will set you back a minimum of €100.

Make sure you do the research before you leave on how much it costs and how long it takes to get from your destination airport to the resort. 

Total Cost of Flight & Transfer
Adding it all up, it’s a long way from the £62.89 we started with.

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