A Brief History of Surfing

From ancient Polynesians to the super-pros of today

Although it’s over a thousand years old, all that’s changed in the art of wave riding is the performance level. The feeling of sheer joy remains the same.

Surfing is the granddaddy of all action sports, so old that no one really knows who first took to the sea on a board. What we do know is that it happened somewhere in Polynesia, and probably over a 1000 years ago.

“How did it go from a Polynesian ritual to radical dudes down the beach?”

Since then the sport has grown, spread across the globe and is now a multi-billion dollar industry, with pro surfing circuits, superstar surfers and a lifestyle that is the envy of the planet. So how did it go from Polynesian ritual to radical dudes down the beach? Read on and find out in our brief history of surfing.

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