10 Brands That Have Defined Skateboarding

Skateboarding has progressed thanks to the companies that push it forward

Founded by Tony Magnusson and the late Mike Ternansky in the late ‘80s, H-Street was once one of the biggest brands in skateboarding. The company’s graphics, style and innovative videos like ‘Shackle Me Not’ and ‘Hokus Pokus’ changed skateboarding forever.Made with cheap VHS cameras and edited at home, they were some of the most watched skate videos of all time.

Legends like Danny Way, Matt Hensley, Mike Carroll, Eric Koston and Josh Kalis all rode for H-Street at one time or another. With Mike’s death in 1993 and Tony Mag’s starting of Osiris Shoes, H-Street closed not long after.

H-Street Video:

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