This Crazy Japanese Skateboarder Redefines ‘Creativity’. Watch This and You’ll See What We Mean

The brilliant Gou Miyagi skateboards like no other man

Gou Miyagi (who’s name, appropriately enough for such a go-get-’em kind of guy, is pronounced “Go”) is a complete one-off in the truest possible sense.

Over the course of the past few years he’s put out parts that showcase a totally unique style of skating. Now the words “unique” and “style” get thrown around a lot in skateboarding, but in Gou’s case, they really do apply.

The stuff he’s doing is shit that other skaters wouldn’t even think of, let alone be able to do. His latest part from Heroin Skateboards Video Nasty (above) made waves online, but it wasn’t his first.

Getting in touch with your ‘inner child’

Check out this equally epic section from Sub Species…

Or this early one, which shows his style and tricks developing.

“People who see my tricks ask me how or where I got the idea of them,” he once wrote, claiming that they come from “a conversation with his ‘inner child'”.

As Gou puts it: “Grown-ups may try to drill something into you. They might have meant well, but what they teach you is not always the truth. [When I discovered] skateboarding, it was exciting, filled with surprise and joy.”

“His tricks come from “a conversation with [his] inner child”

“But as time went by, even skaters grew up. A society was constructed in the world of skateboarding and it looked like the ‘grown-up’ model was taking the wheel. So in a quiet manner, I decided to fight against it.”

It makes sense when you see the child-like delight he takes in doing them. Long may this kind of genuine originality and creativity continue!

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