There Are Some Shit Things About Summer That Only True Skiers Can Understand…

No snow, no fun... Summer can be a particularly hard time for skiers

Summer is a particularly hard time of year for snowboarders and skiers. The snow melts, your gear gathers dust, and intense withdrawal symptoms kick in as untouched powder becomes but a distant memory.

Here are 22 things that can bring snow lovers to the edge of tears during the summer. Please bring us snow some time soon…

1) Catching The Scent Of Mulled Wine At A Restaurant


2) Watching Insane Summer Edits From Riders In Australia

isn't fair

3) Passing A Frustratingly Green Mountain That Would be So Much Better Covered In Snow

meribel summer

4) Attempting Near Enough Any Other Sport

bike fail

5) Realising That Riding A Dryslope Or Snow Dome Is like Trying To Cure A Hangover With More Alchohol – It All Ends In Tears Eventually

4. not the same

6) Hearing The Word ‘Après’

6. apres

7) Seeing Fondue In Any Shape Or Form

7. fondue

8) Baking A Cake And Realising The Flour Looks Like It Has Some Gnarly Lines

8. gnarly flour

9) Waking Up Hungover And Having No Mountain To Cure It

9. no mountain

10) Eating Baguettes That Are Both Shit And Inadequately Filled

gordon ramsey

11) Using Shot Glasses That Aren’t Glued To A Ski

shot ski

12) Looking At Resorts For Winter And Hating That You’re Not There Already

14. hate

13) Seeing A Helicopter That Isn’t Filming Rad Shit

15. what are you doing

14) Enjoying General Outdoor Nudity


15) Hearing Saxophones Which Aren’t Coming From Here

folie douce

16) Passing A Perfect Handrail In Town… But Having No Snow Around

11. aaah

17) Stumbling Across Your Goggles In The Cupboard 


18) Paying More Than 3 Euro For A Bottle Of Wine

won't do it

19) Going To McDonalds And Seeing No Signs of a McTwist

crazy pills

20) Hearing Someone Use The Word ‘Sick’ When They Blag A Day Off Work Makes You Think Of Freshies


21) Seeing Even A Slight Glimpse Of A GoPro


22) Using Contactless Payment And Pretending It’s Your Lift Pass


23) Smelling Sun Block And Realising It’s Not A Bluebird Day


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