Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro Preview

Snapper Rocks


It’s go time. This is the most highly anticipated ASP World Tour start for many a year. Under new management the tour has come back from perhaps losing its way very slightly, to a most definitely ‘Dream Tour’. With the addition of J-Bay back into the schedule, and Samsung Galaxy signing on as headline sponsors, things are looking pretty exciting once again in the world of surf for both the Men’s and Women’s Tour.

As it has done for the last 13 years it all starts in the wave rich, crowded, party fueled frothing environment of The Gold Coast. Nowhere on Earth is quite as intense when it comes to crowds, parties, world class surf and ultra competitive line ups.

Come rain or shine the crowds will be out.

The place just buzzes at contest time and beaches, pubs, clubs, casinos and line ups overflow with surfers and surf fans alike. It’s probably the busiest venue for surf fans on the beach and the apres surf scene is off the hook. So if you ever fancy visiting one surf contest in your lifetime this is a pretty good one to be at.

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