You Thought Ultimate Fighting Was Gnarly? Wait ‘Til You See These Skatepark Fights…

Holy sh*t these are so nasty!


As much as we’d all like to think we’re mellow, easygoing types, fights are pretty much an inevitable downside of crowded parks.

Of course the upside of crowded parks is that there’s always someone with a smartphone willing to film them.

And thanks to @skateparkfights (possibly the greatest Instagram account on the web) a lot of the greatest ones have now been gathered in one place. Here are the best of the best – Ali vs. Frazier’s got nothing on these…

Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

We have no idea what this guy did to incur her wrath, but we’re stoked we’re not him!

Get It Dawg, Get It!

Bonus points for using the curvature of the bowl to execute a body slam.

Board To Death

Holy shit, this is brutal!

You Fucked With the Wrong N*ggas Bro

Like the man said, that dude fucked with the wrong n*ggas. It’s so one-sided someone’s gone to trouble of making this Mortal Kombat remix…

David and Goliath

The green giant is at least 8 inches taller than his opponent, and yet…

Foot In Mouth

…and he’s wearing Timberlands. This has gotta hurt.

‘Uppercut That Bitch!’

Solid advice from the sidelines there. Pulling her hair isn’t going to do much really is it?

Body Slam

Couldn’t put it much better than the dude in the video: “Ooooooh shit…”

Scooter to the Face

Damn, that must be so painful!

The Skateboard is Mightier than the Baseball

Don’t bring a baseball to a skatepark fight. It’ll all end in tears…

Bonus: Never Pick a Fight While Wearing Rollerblades

This is too predictable!

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