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Pro Surfers Return To The Waves After Shark Attack Is Interrupted… By Another Shark

Is Mick Fanning the unluckiest surfer on the planet?


When Kelly Slater Calls a Wave the Best Ever, You Need to Stop What You’re Doing and Watch It…

Here's the monster wave that has the world's greatest surfer waxing lyrical

Kim Jong Un Surfing North Korea

Surfing Is About To Become A Thing In The World’s Most Infamous Country

Would you be happy riding waves under the watchful eye of Kim Jong-Un?


Surfer Rides Monster Barrel Holding A Drone, Then Throws It Into The Air Like A Boss

Would you ride one of the world's deadliest waves with rotor blades buzzing next to your face?

surfer slam teahupoo

Incredible or Terrifying? These Monster Teahupo’o Waves are Dividing The Internet...

It's easy to see why footage of surfer's slamming in these monster waves is going viral...

Credit: StillStoked/Philippa Anderson

Surfer Seeks Crowdfunding Support On The Internet After Being Abandoned By Sponsors

"I had 4 jobs last year, this year I could only handle 3…"


Is This Light Technology Set To Pave The Way For 24 Hour Surfing?

Surfers of the world, prepare to be excited.


This Hallucinogenic Surf Edit Is The Maddest One We’ve Ever Seen

If someone could tell us what the f*ck is going on here, we'd really appreciate it.

Credit: Outerknown Instagram

Kelly Slater Is In An Online War With Angry Surfing Fans... And His Latest Response Is Fierce

Here’s why the greatest surfer of all time is calling some of his ‘fans’ dipshits.


What Do You Get When You Cross Surfing And Fire?...This Insane Footage

Man sets himself ablaze before riding a wave in world famous surf spot.

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Surf’s Up? This App Is Designed To Ensure You Never Miss All-Time Waves Again

goFlow aims to change the game for land-locked surfers everywhere


'It Was Me Or The Shark': Mick Fanning Tells CNN How He Escaped The World’s Most Famous Shark Attack

24 Hours Later, Mick Fanning talks about THAT shark attack that happened live on TV


Watching Surf Videos Played At The Wrong Speed Is Seriously Trippy

Have we been watching all surfing videos at the wrong speed until now?

Photo: WSL / YouTube

Pro Surfer Survives A Shark Attack Live On TV, And The Internet Reacts Like This...

Mick Fanning’s shark punch-up has become global news... so obviously it instantly became a meme


Pro Surfer Is Attacked By A Shark Live On TV

Mick Fanning had to fight off a Great White during the finals of a contest in South Africa

Credit: Brendon Hearne/Vimeo

Meet Curt, He’s 49, But Has The Mind of a 14-Year-Old And His Story Will Make You Well Up

Watch this amazing film about autism, surfing and the spirit of the grom


This Bracelet Could Save Thousands of Lives a Year... And It Only Costs £45

This awesome new invention could keep you and your kids safe in the water... and revolutionise surfing


This Surfer Tried to Take a Shortcut Over Some Rocks... And It Went Brutally Wrong

This guy thought he'd make it into the Ocean more quickly. The ocean thought differently...


This Zombie-Surfing Music Video Might Just Be One Of The Weirdest Things Ever

The Surfing Dead...these corpses are ridiculously good at riding waves.

Credit: Forbidden Trim

Not Since The Original Point Break Has There Been A Surf Movie That Will Get Non-Surfers Frothing As Much As This

Could Forbidden Trim be the cult hit of the year?

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