Instagram vs. Reality: What Surfing Is Really Like…

Why real life is never quite as good as Instagram

Instagram loves to put a rose-coloured tint on the world, doesn’t it? Particularly when it comes to surfing.

Cold, grey, damp beaches looks a lot better when you conveniently ignore the ugly road signs, rubbish and drunks, and place a nice filter over the top of a pretty sunset.

Here are a few of the better examples we discovered of surf life with #nofilter… and it’s not pretty.

Surfing in Britain on Instagram

Surfing in Britain in real life

Photo: The Guardian

Surf cafe on Instagram

Surf cafe in real life


Sunset surf session on Instagram

Sunset surf session in real life

Photo: John Connor Press Associates

Surf wagons on Instagram

 Surf wagons in real life


Newquay on Instagram

Newquay in real life

Photo: The Sun

Wetsuits on Instagram

Wetsuits in real life


Your surf buddies on Instagram

Your surf buddies in real life


North Devon on Instagram

 North Devon in real life


Summer surfing on Instagram

Summer surfing in real life

Photo: China Daily

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