The DC Embassy

Every skateboarder craves a skatepark they can call home but when someone like DC wants to create a new home, you’ve got to make sure it’s done right. So, in order to make sure it’s done right, DC Shoes have collaborated with some of the most respected European riders and some of the world’s best skatepark builders (CSP) to make The DC Embassy. The DC Embassy is a place where DC riders, invitational skaters, friends and teams will have the opportunity to show their skills.

People may ask about Barcelona. Does it deserve to be the location of this monumental skate park? Yeh, pretty much. It’s one of the main hubs of skateboarding in Europe & worldwide so it’s about time they were hooked up with a concrete indoor street facility.

What do you lot reckon? Is this the start of something special or just another stamp on the skateboarding world? Either way, it looks like it’ll be something pretty special!

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