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Tour de France 2014: The Greatest Rivalries In The Tour’s History

Five and a half of the greatest rivalries le tour has ever seen


The Tour de France, road cycling’s most prestigious event, begins this weekend, and headlines have already been written before an inner tube has been inflated or the maillot jaune contested.

The rivalry between two of Britain’s most renowned road cyclists; Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome has sparked the kind of tabloid storm normally reserved for questionable immigration statistics or wayward pop stars.

While public spats like this no doubt have a team’s PR man pulling his hair out, the spice it adds to competition is brilliant for us fans. This bit of needle between tourists makes for perfect heroes and villains for us to cheer on and boo.

Starting with Sir Brad and Froomey, we take a look at some of the rivalries that have added spark to le Tour throughout the years.

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