The 10 Men to Watch Out for at The Gold Coast Quiksilver Pro

The Quik Pro is this weekend, and these are the leading contenders in the men's event

Julian Wilson is the most likely Australian to win a world title part from Fanning or Parkinson in our opinion. The superstar from The Sunshine Coast burst onto the scene, and whilst he got all the hype and mega endorsments which pushed him to the fore, he has actually slowly but surely been building up a solid contest game.

He’s gone from being a little wet behind the ears when it comes to closing out WCT heats to verging on ruthless. In the last three seasons he has proved himself in solid and small waves, and particularly likes the Gold Coast. If Julian can come out of the blocks here with a solid start then he has a real chance of building momentum for a world title win.

Julian Wilson Video:

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