A ferris wheel and paddlewheeler boat help create a festive night at the Rainbow Harbor of Long Beach, California, USA.

Long Beach's downtown waterfront at night, CA (P)

“That’s how you handle a police officer... You don’t let the cops tell you that you can’t do what you know you can do."

Here’s a video of a BMXer absolutely schooling a police officer on the law in Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach.

Now, whenever these kind of videos come up, we always get a little cautious on first watch. Often the police officer or security guard is just trying to do his job and ends up getting a bunch of grief for no reason, which we're obviously not in favour of.

But we’ve all been on the receiving end of an authority figure who just seems to be out for you well – and the cop in question here is not particularly pleasant.

The police officer approaches the riders asking them to avoid cycling around the area when they’re not in the park or the bowl, to which one rider, who happens to be remarkably well-informed, responds “has there been a law change?"


The rider even manages to state the exact article of the law which decrees that cyclist are in fact allowed to ride their bikes anywhere on the Rainbow Harbor Esplanade, forcing the policeman to go somewhat on the defensive and feebly ask: “so did you get your law degree on Facebook?"

The rider in question proceeds to ask the relevance of this and remind the policeman what his actual role should be in all of this – to uphold the law – and he does it rather well.

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