Mountain bikes are fast. Particularly when you don’t put your hands on those silly little levers at the front.

Are they as fast as a speedwing though? These guys decided to test it out.

After watching the video, we think you’ll agree that the dude with the speedwing is the definite winner here, but realistically, the end result is pretty inconclusive.

She stole his lunch money and is about to make the perfect getaway... Photo: Vimeo/Screenshot

The race all comes down to the riders of course, well that, the track, the starting point and the wind amongst other thing. The speedwinger seemed to take a rather roundabout route to the finish line as well.

Nevertheless, it seems pretty safe to say that the man in the air is always at an advantage, what with not having any obstacles in his way or anything.

This is a cool little experiment though, and it’d no doubt be a hell of a lot of fun to be involved in the race. Have a watch and less us know what you think!

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