Anything that Danny MacAskill does is normally pretty awesome. We can't think of a single YouTube video he's released that says anything to the contrary.

So, when he teamed up with fellow trials stars Duncan Shaw and Fabio Wibmer to head out on the Drop and Roll Tour - a travelling trials show that hit some of the top events in the country - it's safe to say that we were pretty excited.

We managed to catch the show on a couple of occasions, at the Red Bull Air Race at Ascot and at Eurobike in Germany. Both times it was packed with mad riding, huge hops and banging backflips.

The Drop and Roll team dropped the video above a couple of days ago, and it'll give you a chance to get a better look at just what they've been up to. It's also got some insane exclusive shots from the streets of Rotterdam that are worthy watching for alone!

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