There are some places that Mother Nature spawned without ever giving a thought to the everyday mountain biker. Garett Buehler, however, is clearly not the everyday mountain biker.

Now, these days, if there’s a slope somewhere in the world that is anything other than vertical, there’s probably a way to ride it.

Not for me or you to ride maybe, unless you’re an absolute boss on two wheels that is, but for those who have got that dream combo of talent, sponsorship, experience and a notable disregard for their own personal safety, nowhere in the world is off-limits.

Big mountain riding is really where the freeriding fanatics comes into their own as well.

Take the video above for example, Garett Buehler literally had to rappel himself and his bike down to the top of one of the lines he wanted to ride. The guy is absolutely bonkers, and the spots he takes on are even more mind-blowing.

This video has it all. The beautiful dirt flying around in the early stages, the absolute terror of the terrain in the latter, and an abundance of sideways shots and mad bike skills to string it all together.

At the end of the day, Garett is just flat out killing it on all sorts of terrain here, and is there anything more inspiring than watching a dude on two-wheels stomp something that would probably put you in a hospital bed? If so, we’d certainly love to see it.

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