swing spiderman crane

Anyone who has seen any of the Spiderman films will know that the eponymous character is a bit of a cheeky chap. He’s flies about on his spider webs impressing girls, taking on bad guys and hanging off skyscrapers like there’s nothing to it.

But then again, he’s also a superhero. He was lucky enough to get a crazy range of talents after being bitten by a radioactive house spider – spidey senses, the ability to shoot webs, to climb walls, hang from ceilings; the whole shebang.

We tried something similar the other day. There was a house spider in the toilet that refused to go down the drain. We assumed it must have been radioactive as a consequence, made it bite our hand and leapt out the window assuming we could shoot webs. We couldn’t, because life is cruel, and not only are we now writing this from hospital, we owe Mrs. Watson downstairs a new plant pot.

swing spiderman crane 2

Anyway, as far as we know Russian daredevil Sergey Devlyashov also hasn’t been bitten by a radioactive house spider, but that’s not stopped him from living the spidey life.

Sergey has taken the crane-climbing craze sweeping the world – or at least anyone brave or stupid enough to think that getting involved in a crane-climbing craze sounds like a good idea – to the next level, by attaching a rope to the edge of one of the cranes and swinging off it.

And not only has he done that, he’s done it without tying the rope around his waist, meaning he only had his own rip strength, balance and instinct to save him from what looks like a pretty freakin’ terrifying drop below.

swing spiderman crane 3

Have a watch below. Would you give this a shot? We wouldn’t recommend trying this even if you think you’ve been bitten by one of those handy superpower-giving spiders. You might break more than just Mrs. Watson’s plant pot.

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