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Ever ridden a skateboard that looks like a Subway sandwich? Perhaps a Zeppelin? Or 40oz beer bottle?

Bizarre looking decks are popping up everywhere right now. With skate deck designs generally regulated to your standard popsicle shape nowadays, it's good to see there are still mavericks out there creating decks shaped like sandwiches, air balloons and errrr, other phallic symbols.

You only need to take a look at mad creations like Ettore Barabino's powder snowboards to see that it's not just skate decks that have undergone major experimentation.

We've delved through the cringeworthy novelty boards to mad inventions that were never, ever going to catch on to find the weirdest selection out there.

Like this? You should take a look at our 10 hilariously bad attempts to reinvent the skateboard.

[part title="Homer Simpson's Head"]

Santa Cruz Homer Simpson Skateboard

Santa Cruz Homer Simpson Skateboard

Santa Cruz are renowned for producing crazy shaped decks, none more so than this Homer Simpson creation. The wheels, as you might've guessed, are designed like pink glazed doughnuts.

But Santa Cruz didn't stop there. They went and produced a whole family of Simpson decks, just check out Marge and Maggie below.

WARNING: You may or may not be mistaken for a nine-year-old child if caught riding this in the park.

[part title="Fish Bones"]

Fish Bones

Fish Bones

There's very little that joins fish and skateboarding together in modern society. Which is why it's nice to see someone drawing a slightly random if not impressive connection between the two here.

We're not entirely sure how practical the pure aluminium make-up of this deck is. Imagine the sound of that scraping on concrete and clattering down a vert. It would do your bloody head in.

[part title="The Slicer"]

The Slicer

The Slicer

Wanna see how it rides? Check out the vid below showing Henry himself riding the board around San Francisco. After all, who doesn't like pizza?!

[part title="Soul Arc"]


This probably should be up there with our totally ridiculous skate inventions, but it accidentally slipped the net.

Decks don't come more funky than this one from SoulArc. It's like a regular skateboard deck bolted onto one giant spring, supposedly designed to give you more pop and a super smooth ride.


[part title="Gold Wheeled Delight"]


If Salvador Dali made skateboards, this is what they would look like.

Unlike our previous contender, this board has absolutely no pop at all. It deck almost looks like it has been melted over the wheels and then dipped in gold to appeal to the P Diddys of this world.

Can you really picture one of these cruising around a bowl or dropping a stair set? Us neither.

[part title="Deathwish Beer Bottle"]



Love beer as much as you love skating? This 40oz Low Life cruiser from Deathwish is right up your booze-soaked alleyway then.

40 ouncers aren't something we have here in the UK, but they're about the equivalent of 2.5 pints in a bottle. Although we're not exactly sure how it would ride with a weird-ass shaped nose like that...

[part title="Banana Board"]


Errrrr, well this is pretty bloody weird.

As you might have guessed, this extraordinarily shiny creation isn't actually a skateboard. It's a ceramic serving dish shaped like a banana plant, discovered by the guys over at Skate And Annoy.

Apparently, the banana wheels do spin as well! Mind. Blown.

[part title="The Zeppelin"]


We've passed through the cheesy and the ridiculous, and come across this deck which surprisingly, has something kinda cool about it.

Reskate, the dudes behind this Zeppelin shaped deck, have a truly rad selection of deck art on their site.

[part title="The Van"]



This one doesn't sit well with us. I think it's something to do with the brown fairytale stoner dwarf pictured on the side of the van that looks like one of your grandma's plates from the 1970s - and the fact that it looks too much like the Mystery Machine.

[part title="The Subway"]

Sandwich Skateboard

Sandwich Skateboard

OK, so this skateboard isn't for real... but if Subway knew about this, they'd be all over it quicker than you can say "meatball marinara".

It's a creation by artist Arthur King who plays with the idea of the skateboard, but turning the deck into various household objects. Think keyboards, eggs, a bed of nails...

Just looking at this one is making us crave a foot-long melted cheese steak with sweet, sweet honey dressing...