1) Walt, Jesse, and Gustavo

2) Blue like 'Blue Sky' crystal methamphetamine

3) Br Ba

4) Nice tribute

5) There's a meth-od to their madness

6) Where's Walter?

7) Iconic

8) The main players in Breaking Bad

9) "I'm the one who knocks"

10) Blue meth. Yellow jumpsuit. Green money

11) Skate wheels = gas mask

12) Heisenberg

13) The pink teddy bear

14) "LOOK AT MY BREAKING BAD DECK. LOOK HOW GOOD IT LOOKS" *kid stares intently at you, judging your reaction*

15) Skating Mad


17) More like Breaking Good...am-I-right?

18) Walt's angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry

19) Split personality

20) Los Pollos Hermanos

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