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Mario Kart Skateboard Longboard

Anyone who's ever put themselves through a marathon session of Mario Kart can attest to the games all-round magnificence. The shells, the bananas, the mind-melting beauty of rainbow road, that feeling when you overtake your friend on the finishing line, claim first place, and dance around the living room like a real jerk; good times.

But, alas, there's quite a few things missing from the Mario Kart games. A play-by-play breakdown of the Westminster expenses scandal, a bar chart illustrating the rising cost of Freddos, and a playable Ken Barlow character for example.

Screen Shot: YouTube (Corridor Digital).

Mario Kart Longboarding Skateboarding Nintendo

Not only have Nintendo consistently failed to include these things in their games, they've also left out longboards on such a regular basis it makes our blood boil just thinking about it. GNTnrnramtehrw *angry typing, so much anger* dbfdfbbdgveqinnrejlc/ba1

Fortunately, some absolute internet lads have come along and made amends for years of longboard-neglect by Nintendo. The video (see below) features all the stuff you loved about the Mario Kart franchise, but with a whole heap of longboard fun thrown in for good measure. Nice work Corridor Digital, nice work indeed.

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