It was an exciting end to the final day of Summer X Games 2014. Street skate legend Nyjah Huston won his sixth gold medal in the Men's Skateboard Street today - with the highest score ever recorded in the event!

The Californian rider scored a whopping 95.00, making him the street skater with the most X Games gold medals.

His best run consisted of a switch 50-50 down a giant eight step handrail, followed by a noseblunt slide on the barrier. Then it was finally topped off with a cab 270 backside lipslide down the handrail.

Huston told ESPN that he felt the wind may have scuppered his chances for winning gold. "It messes up the whole feel of the pop when you pop your board and it makes everything so much more sketchy ... somehow I pulled it off."

Watch his victory lap above!