Old traditional types across the country may be baffled reading their newspapers this morning. "A concrete pit has been listed as an English Heritage site?" Hell yeah!

English Heritage has made Rom Skatepark in Hornchurch, East London a Grade II listed heritage site.

"No skatepark has ever been listed as a heritage site in the UK before"

The British government department is in charge of preserving historic buildings and spaces across the UK. No skatepark has ever been listed before, so it's a pretty big step forward for British skate history.

freestyle-area rom skate

freestyle-area rom skate

There aren't that many purpose built skateparks left from the 1970s, but the Rom Skatepark is the only one from the era (along with Solid Surf in Harrow) that looks anything like its original form.

If you haven't been down there yet (and obviously you should), it's an 8,000 square metre concrete heaven with a super sick pool bowl, a mogul bowl, a wooden street section, a halfpipe, a slalom and a snake run.

We like the fact that the folk at English heritage have recognised Rom for its "key importance as an icon of the British skateboard scene, one whose design has influenced the building of new skateparks since the Millennium."

It's nice to see that architectural conservation bods are on the side of skaters as well! You can read English Heritage's full statement here.

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