Screen Shot: Go Pro (YouTube).

Meet Ian Parkinson. Ian Parkinson is an American army veteran who lost both of his legs while serving in Afghanistan. Using his heartfelt passion for skateboarding as his motivation, Parkinson has tackled the long road to recovery in the most awesome way imaginable. He gets out there...and he skates.

It's a remarkable and truly inspirational story that's showcased beautifully in this short film. Seriously. If you only watch one video today, make sure it's this one here (see below). It will give you all the feels. We guarantee it.

Screen Shot: Go Pro (YouTube).

Parkinson has gone on record and said that "What skateboarding means to me is essentially, one word, freedom."

Being the absolute dude that Ian clearly is, he's challenging himself to master specific tricks everyday; ticking them off on a list as he goes.

"No matter what you put your mind to, you can accomplish it," says Ian. "It's just a matter of figuring it out and looking at it in a different way."

Mpora has maximum respect for a man who hasn't let a terrible setback stop it from pursuing the thing he loves. That willingness to bounce back from real adversity is something we can all learn from, and makes Ian Parkinson a genuinely inspirational figure.

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