Tony Hawk taking a rough one - Photo: Sony / YouTube

Skateboard legend Tony Hawk has just nailed a Never Been Done trick; a horizontal loop-the-loop.

For a good while, skateboarders have been hitting loops, but the horizontal kind. Heck last weekend saw The Indestructibles do a full loop on a snowboard.

But, this new loop is different because it's lying horizontally on its side, meaning that a slip could, and indeed did, see Hawk not just hit the ramp, but also then crash hard down to the floor.

Tony Hawk taking a rough one - Photo: Sony / YouTube

Getting the loop nailed appears pretty punishing on the Birdman. Having never been done before, there was no right way of hitting the loop. Nobody to study. Nobody to learn from. Hawk was breaking painful new ground.

But Tony Hawk isn't a man to walk away from a challenge. After all, it took the best part of a decade to finally stomp the legendary 900, but the Birdman persisted and, back at the 1999 X Games... well, the rest is history.

Dropping - Photo: Sony / YouTube

At risk of sounding patronising, it's testament to Hawk that he still has the drive to be putting his body through this kind of punishment in the name of breaking new skateboarding ground.

At 47, he could sit back and admire the fact that he was the first man on the planet to land a 900 on a skateboard, the face of the third best selling video games franchise in the world, and a 14 time X Games medalist (of which, nine are gold), but Tony Hawk continues to push himself, and push skateboarding.

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