Remember when skier Cody Townsend rode that line in Days Of My Youth? If you missed it, it was the ski video that melted 35 per cent of the internet, not least because as soon as it dropped , snowboarder Travis Rice claimed he actually rode it first, but just didn't tell anybody.

The line was dubbed The Crack (or The Vagina by some wags), and it won accolades from the snowy world for being the most insane bit of skiing of 2014.

While making the movie, the crew found this other spot while filming was coming to an end. Italian skier Markus Eder saw his chance to grab a little glory, and decided to drop in.

The gnar-fuelled run has been dubbed The Crack's Little Brother. Despite sounding like something presented by Emma Willis on on E4, it's yet another terror inducing line from the Days of My Youth fellas.

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