Legs Of Steel: Nothing Else Matters

After countless weeks of watching teasers and trailers for the latest movie from Legs of Steel, twin that with the webisodes that they released and you'll be as desperate as I was to watch the full film. There's been talk about the ridiculous 13 rider kicker and the amount of powder they witnessed but nothing will prepare you for this. Nothing Else Matters is the culmination of a lot of hard work, a lot of different mountains, different lines, different injuries.

Thanks to Paddy Graham and a few other helpers, they've created one of the best ski movies I've seen in the last few years. And with a list of riders that includes Tobi Reindl, Bene Mayr, Paddy Graham, Thomas Hlawitschka, Sven Kueenle, Fabio Studer, Max Hill, Lucas and Tobi Mangold, Antti Ollila, Oscar Scherlin, Lolo Favre, Elvis Harsheim, Sebi Geiger, Nico Zacek, Tobi Tritscher and Toni Höllwar, it would make anyone weak at the knees.

I'm not going to talk too much about it but you need to watch it now. It's far too freaking good. Thank you Legs Of Steel, nothing else matters at all compared to this!

http://mpora.com/videos/ohJdmQmFe MPORA Action Sports