There's many people in the world that will base your skiing ability on what you've won, where you've placed in competitions and who you're sponsored by. It turns out that veteran skier Sylvain Saudan believes that you can ski any snow in the world... so long as you can ski on rocks.

Yeh, ok, so it doesn't sound like the greatest theory in the world but don't sign off just yet! He's got some interesting ideas behind his comment but more interesting is the video. Here's some footage of the man himself shredding some 'gnarly' rocks. Move over powder, we're here for lumps of granite and earth!

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I don't know about you but I don't think I'll be shredding the rocks instead of snow this off-season just to have the crown of being able to 'ski anywhere in the world'. Either way this is one hell of a strange video. It's not every day you'll spot an old Frenchman throwing on a pair of skis, jumping from side to side and then claiming to ski on any snow, in any location.