x ski slams

"Schadenfreude" is a german word that literally translates as "Harm Joy". No, it's not a doom metal band from Hull, it's basically when you derive pleasure from being somebody else's misfortune.

As grim as that sounds, we all feel a bit of the old schadenfreude kick in from time to time. Think you don't? Then we challenge you to watch these amazing ski slam videos and not raise a smile (along with the odd wince, and gasp).

Don't worry, we're not judging you. Honest.

This guys friends seem worried. Not worried enough to put the camera down though, obviously.

This dude would do anything for freestyle skiing. He'd bend over backwards for it.

What you don't see in this clip is that the skier got this crazy speed by being towed by a snowmobile. A touch too hot on approach.

This could only be improved if the 'F' of 'FILMS' landed on him after the slam. Lovely stuff.

A rail to the ribs is never any fun. Never.

"That was so violent" confirms this urban skier's friend. Yeah, he probably knows.

Just make sure you lift those ti...nope. Too late.

Watching this fella struggling to get out is almost as good as seeing him fall in. Almost.

If there were points available for scorpion-ing, this would score high. Sadly, there isn't.

These icy pipe walls are like concrete. Fully gnarly.

"He just didn't throw it hard enough" adds this guy's friend. There's a time for constructive criticism. This probably isn't it.

When sliding down the slope on his face, this chap broke the world record for the most amount of shit ate on a single trick. Bravo!

"Dush anybody haff sha number for sha denshisht"

Is this dude incredibly lucky, or incredibly unlucky?

How many of these songs do you know?