What’s the most important thing to do when you fall? Get back up again of course! Or, if you’re live on TV in the middle of the newscast, simply sit back up and keep asking questions about cross-country skiing.

Maybe it’s the fact that it was pretty darn chilly in Utah when this was filmed or maybe KUTV reporter Brooke Graham is just more of a freeride or a half-pipe fan when it comes to skiing, but either way, this makes for one of the most surreal videos you’ll see on the internet.

Brooke faints or passes out near the start of the interview, before waking back up almost immediately and continuing on like a top notch professional. The video is actually from back on 31 December 2013, but it recently cropped back up on our radar and we had to let you know... Is this the weirdest snowsports news report ever?

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