Their snowboard instructors are actually snowboarders...

Corbin Clement, a snowboard instructor at Windells camp, Mt Hood. Photo: Windells


...instead of skiers in disguise

Photo: ESF

They build proper parks…

Photo: Park City actual proper parks...

Photo: Brian Finestone/Whistler Blackcomb


...instead of just paying a bored Frenchman to poke piles of slush around with a shovel

Photo: Tom Ewbank

They have 'lift hosts' who ensure every chair is full…

Photo: Shutterstock

…so there’s less of this

Photo: shutterstock

Plus there are fewer people…

Photo: Shutterstock

…and more of them are snowboarders

Photo: Matt Stensland / Keystone Kid of the Week

They open up a lot of the backcountry…

Photo: Silverton Mountain

…so you can ride more of this

Photo: Shutterstock

But it’s still patrolled…

Photo: shutterstock

…so you don’t have to worry so much about this

Photo: shutterstock

They believe in service with a smile…

Photo: shutterstock

…instead of sneering the whole time

Photo: Shutterstock

A regular apartment looks like this…

Photo: shutterstock

…not this

Photo: Le Prariond


And hot-tubs come as standard

Photo: shutterstock you can party like this

Photo: Avalanche Sharks

Or like this if you prefer



In a lot of states this is legal…

Photo: Shutterstock

…and even where it’s not, they all do it anyway

Photo: shutterstock

And when you get hungry You can get almost any food you want anywhere - sushi, steak, you name it…

Photo: Whistler White Spot Restaurant


…as opposed to everywhere serving cheese, cheese and more cheese


Plus the portions are enormous, and cheap...



...and they even give out free cookies and hot chocolate on the slopes!



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