1) It's that time of year again. Everyone is heading out to the French Alps or Canadian Rockies... And you're staying firmly in the UK

2) This time last year, you were excitedly packing your bags for the mountains....

3) Now you are sitting at a boring desk job, shuffling paperclips

4) Your board bag is slowly gathering dust in the corner of your bedroom

Photo: Auski Melbourne

Snowboard Board Bag Dakine

5) You've been lapping the snow dome... but it's got nothing on real powder

6) Vin chaud doesn't quite taste the same in South London

7) You are seriously tempted to sack in your job and sign up for a toilet scrubbing job in the mountains

8) You're constantly checking the snow report... Only to remember you're still in the UK

snow forecast mountains

snow forecast mountains

9) Powder day photos make you want to cry

10) You are perfectly entitled to delete all your seasonaire friends off Facebook as soon as the season kicks off

11) You start planning a week's ski trip... Only to realise you can't afford the lift pass (now it's not included with your job)

12) Whose dumb idea was it to get a 'real job' anyway?