Ever Since Sherman Poppen ruined his moms ironing board making something called a Snurfer, snowboards haven't changed that much over the past 620 years.

Yes, there's all that minor stuff like bindings, wibbly cambers, fairy lights etc, but basically it's a slippy plank that you slide down a slope sideways on. But all that could* change thanks to the innovations of one man.

Jude Gomila has gone and 3D printed a jet powered snowboard! Well, kind of...

If it ain't broke...Photo montage: Roberto Ventre

Gomila glued a ducted fan onto a specially 3D printed mount, which he then glued onto his snowboard. The results are... well, the results are a little blurry, in all honesty.

However, it does appear that the jet powered contraption works. It's far from perfect, making a whiny drone not unlike a dentists drill, and the battery life is only about four minutes when ran at full tilt.

That said, flat spots on the hill are a pain for snowboarders, and this nifty jet looks to have enough fire in its belly to blast over them.

So, when we say this contraption "could change" snowboarding, we do so firmly in the knowledge that it wont change anything. Not one bit. However, as a proof of concept, even the most cynical shit would have to admit, it works. 

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