All Season Burton Snowboards have ben dropping edits online, and the final release of the 2014/15 is already here. Hang on, last of the season? Christ, it hasn't even snowed in France yet!

This episode shines the light on the Burton Girls team, highlighting the astronomical radness (radnicity?) of Kimmy Fasani, Enni Rukajärvi, Cilka Sadar, Chloe Kim, and some lady called Kelly Clark.

We must admit, we have mixed feeling about companies having women' teams. To us, snowboarders are just snowboarders, and somebodies gender shouldn't be seen as something to separate. Let's just all go up the hill and ride. But that's a debate for another time.

From the whole crew jibbing around and riding pipe in Austria, to Kimmy F finding some mouth watering powder among the trees in the Canadian back country, the last Burton Presents  - for now at least -  is a real treat.

Much like most of the other episodes in the Burton Presents series this year, it makes us long for the mountains, riding with friends, and generally having an absolute riot.

How much are flights to Canada again...? 

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