Jake Burton-Carpenter, the man behind Burton snowboards and the fella who played a massive part in making snowboarding what it is today, is battling a potentially life threatening condition.

The 61 year old, who's been making snowboards since the early 1970s, and now runs the largest snowboard manufacturer in the world, has been diagnosed with Miller Fisher Syndrome which is a form of Guillan-Barre Syndrome.

It's an incredibly rare disorder that sees the bodies immune system attacking its own nerves. Symptons include virus-like illness, followed by muscle fatigue and possible respiratory failure.

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The National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke suggests that recovery begins within two to four weeks after symptoms occur, and complete recovery is usually within six weeks. The chances of a relapse is also incredibly small, happily.

Earlier this year, the Burton team released a statement saying "Right after the 2015 Burton US Open in March, Jake Burton, Founder & Chairman of Burton Snowboards, was diagnosed with a type of Guillan-Barre Syndrome called Miller Fisher Syndrome.

Miller Fisher is an extremely rare disorder that results in the body’s own immune system attacking the nerves. Jake had a very severe case that caused temporary paralysis of his entire body, so he was put on full life support in the ICU for nearly two months at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire."

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We're delighted to report that, since then, Jake has made an incredible recovery, and after a spell in a rehabilitation centre in Boston, he's now recovering at his home in Vermont where his physical therapy is way ahead of schedule.

It goes without saying that every single one of us at Mpora wish Jake and the Burton-Carpenter family the very best, and wish the swiftest of recoveries to the father of snowboarding.