This awesome edit brings us sand-boarding from Huacachina Peru in 4K.

It's awesome enough to include fat guys being towed on boards, chicks riding fat guys while being towed on a board, some steep slopes, quad-bike wheelies, bikinis, pecs, drones, dolphins, slams, big hits... oh and some actual sand-boarding.

It even has yet another Scott and Brendo track to go with it (are they in every edit ever at the moment?) And did we mention that its all in 4K?

They've got all the right equipment - boards, babes, 4K cameras, quad-bikes and adoring fans - but in the wrong environment.

Though it looks really good fun, and something you'd definitely want to try if you happened to be in Peru, its just not quite... err... right. Is it?

I mean, it's using a snowboard on a sand dune. And it's just the fact you have all of the right equipment, (boards, babes, 4K cameras, quad-bikes and adoring fans) just in completely the wrong environment.

It's almost like having Silverstone race track to yourself, and taking your mums shopping-bag-strewn 1994 Volvo Estate around it rather than an F1 car.

So, Scott DW and crew, while we like this video, for gods sake do it on fresh pow next time.

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