The 2015 Winer X Games (or 'X Games Aspen' as they seem to insist on calling them) have come and gone. The spins have been spun, the medals won, and Snoop Dogg is back in his squillion dollar house that's probably not in South central LA.

During the games, ESPN reporters were always on hand to get the latest scoop from the heavily media trained snowboarders, skiers, and assorted other athletes. However, the guys over at YoBeat think there's a little more to these interviews than meets the eye. Or ear?

"Farts go right through me." - Mark McMorris

They've used an expert* lip reader to decode what the likes of Mark McMorris, Shaun White and Chloe Kim really meant when they were saying how much they enjoyed being there, how good the course was, and how neat their sponsors were.

From pipe rider Danny Davis discovering head lice, to Shaun White getting a little antsy with fans, this is hilarious

*When we say "expert lip reader" we mean it in the loosest possible sense.

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