If anyone is where I am right now (London) then you'll appreciate the fact that it's f*cking hot. It's so hot that I'm tempted to go shirtless but the HR guy might not appreciate the sight of a bare man's hairy chest. Either way, it's hot. F*cking hot. I don't know if I mentioned that it's hot yet.

The sun and heat seems to do weird things to people - it makes them happy. Well, happier than usual that is. Grimaces are exchanged for friendly smiles and the world slows down to enjoy the UV rays of our best pal, the Sun.

There might be some of you out there that aren't in the summer mood yet and we're wondering why! To help you get in the mood for summer, we've lined up 10 summery edits that will do exactly that. Sit back, watch the edits and get your Speedo out for a dip in the pool.