1) Longboarding has been having a real comeback in the past few years...

Photo: Lex Voight

2) You catch way more waves on small days that the shortboarders sitting on the inside

Photo: Jim Russi

3) It's super stylish

Photo: Roxy

4) And graceful

Photo: Swatch

5) Especially if you can hang ten...

Photo: Pinterest

6) It's a great way to learn to surf

Photo: Pinterest

7) And ideal for getting your paddle strength back when you've been out of the water for a year

Photo: Robbie Dark

8) You're never too young...

surfing baby

9) Or too old to start longboarding

Photo: Pinterest

10) They might not fit in your car...

Photo: artandsurf.com

11) And longboards definitely aren't easy to travel with...

Photo: horizonsunlimited.com

12) But you can do headstands on them

Photo: tntsurfschool.com

13) And they work pretty well backwards too

Photo: Pinterest

14) There's a reason so many folk rode longboards in the early days...

Photo: Malibu Beach News

15) Because everyone knows life is so much better on a log...

Photo: Ed Howell-Jones