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The Goldcoast has hosted a world tour event, either qualifying or full blown championship status, for almost two decades. In the early days it was all about Kirra, the epic hollow right-handers made it one of the best surf spots on Earth. Then after extensive dredging of the nearby Tweed River, it became all about the Super Bank, stretching from Snapper Rocks to Rainbow Bay.

In that time there have been some epic heats, it's a place where world title contenders show up and throw down their credentials for the year. Even though it's the very first event it's seen as a benchmark for what's to come. So with that in mind, and to get you psyched for more here are the top heats of all time.

2014 Quiksilver Gold Coast Pro Event Trailer:

[part title="Adriano De Souza vs Taj Burrow 2012"]


This battle between South America's and Western Australia's most successful ever surfers  raged over two years. There was a lot on the line in this final, the year before the two had met in the semi finals in an even more contentious heat which Burrow narrowly won.

Burrow then went on to lose the final closely to Kelly Slater, so he was desperate for the win and De Souza  was desperate for revenge. It wasn't pretty and wasn't the highest scoring heat of all time, but it was fought tooth and nail.

Adriano De Souza vs Taj Burrow 2012 Video:

[part title="Adriano De Souza vs Taj Burrow 2011"]


Both Burrow and De Souza were on a roll in this contest and it was a matchup worthy of the final. De Souza was being widely touted as a serious Brazilian title contender and getting off to a flying start here was essential.

But Burrow had the crowd on his side, and is in the horrible club of being one of the best ever surfers never to have won a world title. He edged it in what some have called dubious judging.

Adriano De Souza vs Taj Burrow 2011 Video:

[part title="Kelly Slater vs Joel Parkinson 2013"]


Parkinson was starting his world title defence, Kelly Slater was hungry to get 'his' title back and in front of a frothing crowd the two went head to head in spinning Kirra perfection. The heat swung back and fourth, when Parkinson caught the seemingly winning wave.

Slater though had priority, dropped in on him and blocked him from getting the score he needed whilst racking up a solid one himself. Perfectly legal the friends laughed about it later, and neither went on to claim the title.

Kelly Slater vs Joel Parkinson 2013 Video:

[part title="Shane Beschen - The Perfect 30"]


Shane Beschen was a title contender in the 1990s, he never quite made the final jump and took the crown, but he did achieve something at Kirra which will put him down in history. He achieved the first, and only, perfect 30 heat score. That's 3 perfect 10 rides.

What makes it even more special now is that riders are scored on their two best rides, so it can never beaten. Beschen is still on tour, but as a coach, and he has women's world champ Carissa Moore in his stable of talented riders.

Shane Beschen - The Perfect 30 Video: