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Surfer's heaven in Big Sur, California. Photo: Post Ranch Inn

You don't normally associate surf trips with luxury accommodation. A trip to Vegas? Yes. Honeymoon in the Maldives? Definitely. But not surfing...

That's not to say five-star surf accommodation doesn't exist. If you're Daddy Warbucks and you've got money to splash, you could be staying in a treehouse in Costa Rica or your own private Canadian cabin with a hot tub in the garden.

So here's a few of the most insane surf lodges in the world. Time to get dreaming...

[part title="Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California"]

Photo: Post Ranch Inn

California is firmly placed in the top five of every surfer's bucket list. If money were no object, the Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, California would be the only place you should stay.

Each room is like a mini wood-beamed palace with log fires, hot tubs and expansive views over the Pacific. It's got an infinity pool and glass-walled restaurant perched on the edge of a 300ft cliff.

Oh, and it only costs a whopping £373 per night... Peanuts!

Photo: Post Ranch Inn
Photo: Post Ranch Inn

[part title="La Casa Artist Residency, Byron Bay, Australia"]

La Casa Artist Residency 1

Tucked behind the palm trees of Byron Bay, Kelly Slater is recording music, Kassia Meador is waxing her board and Taylor Steele is capturing the action on camera.

This is La Casa Artist Residency, a custom-built surf lodge created (surprisingly) by beer brand Corona to house surf stars, musicians, artists, skaters, filmers, all under one roof.

It may be all one big advertising ploy but the location, halfpipe, guests and creative vibe all work together, make it a super sick-looking place to stay.

La Casa Artist Residency 4
La Casa Artist Residency 7
La Casa Artist Residency 5
La Casa Artist Residency 6

[part title="Tree House Lodge, Costa Rica"]

Tree House Lodge 4

If your childhood dream has always been to stay in an elaborate treehouse, then this would be the one for you.

The Tree Lodge House in Costa Rica is made entirely of fallen wood from the trees around. The Tree House apartment is built around a 100-year-old Sangrillo tree - the toilet rests in one nook and the shower in another!

It's located right on the beach, on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, which gets a surprising decent swell from short, explosive storms centred off Colombia. 

Tree House Lodge 2
Photo: Tree House Lodge

[part title="Okitu House, Tatapouri, New Zealand"]

Photo: Bossley Architects

Modern, minimalist with the biggest windows you've ever seen? Yep, we'd take it. Okitu House is an award winning T-shaped beach house on Tatapouri Point on the north island of New Zealand.

The views are amazing but might not be the best house if you like wandering about naked.

It's just over the hill from the Makorori Beach, a peely right-hander which is popular with longboarders.

Photo: Bossley Architects
Photo: Bossley Architects
Photo: Bossley Architects

[part title="The Leaf House, Rio de Janiero, Brazil"]

Photo: Mareines Patalano

From the outside, The Leaf House looks like something out of Thunderbirds.

Six huge leaf-shaped sections make up this amazing Brazilian house with its own private beach, not far from Rio's Prainha Beach.

It's also super eco-friendly with big open wall-less rooms for air ventilation, while the roof harvests rainwater to use inside the house.

Photo: Mareines Patalano
Photo: Mareines Patalano
Photo: Mareines Patalano

[part title="The Surf Lodge, Montauk, USA"]

Photo: The Surf Lodge Montauk

Montauk, Long Island on the east coast of America is a veritable mish mash of coves, points and reef breaks. It was voted by Surfer Magazine's as the 8th Best Surf Town around.

The Surf Lodge is up there with my favourite beach hotels of all time. It's retro-themed interior will go down well with city hipsters and the surf community alike. Sip Pisco Sours in the beachside bar and people-watch visiting Manhattanites as they soak up the "cool" surf vibes.

Photo: The Surf Lodge Montauk
Photo: The Surf Lodge Montauk
Photo: The Surf Lodge Montauk

[part title="Long Beach Lodge, Tofino, Canada"]

Long Beach Lodge 1

The tiny town of Tofino on the west coast of Canada has a surprisingly buzzing surf community with surfers from all over North America coming to dip their toes in the icy Pacific waters.

Five-star luxury surf hotel, the Long Beach Lodge, sits right on the edge of the beach. Guests sleep in their own individual cabins, complete with a hot tub in the garden, so you can rest your aching muscles post-surf.

Long Beach Lodge 2
Long Beach Lodge 3