"I think people have gone a bit namby pamby now...." Photo: Land Rover UK

Meet Gwyn Haslock. She's 70 years-old and she still surfs most days in Cornwall, UK, arguably the oldest surfer in Britain.

Gwyn ripping in Newquay right back in 1965


She's seen Britain's surf scene grow right from the very beginning. She started bellyboarding on wooden board back when she was a child, before buying her own 10ft longboard in 1966 aged 21 called Big Bertha.

Gwyn went on to become the first female surf champion in the UK and a true pioneer for female surfers.

Just take a look at this neat video from Land Rover, capturing a snapshot of Gwyn's life as an early British surfer - back before wetsuits were used! - to her experiences surfing today.

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