Photo: Freds Wave

Inland wave pools are all the rage right now. With Surf Snowdonia taking Wales by storm last year and another planned for Bristol, inland surfing is no longer a futuristic fantasy.

The beauty of inland wave pools is they gives people who live nowhere near the sea the opportunity to surf for the first time. Like these kids in Java. Watch the video below.

"Imagine being able to say you'd built your own wave pool?"

'Freds Wave' [sic] is a homemade wave-pool built in Java, three hours drive from the sea. While it's just a prototype, these kids look like they are having a blast - many of whom would never have had the chance to surf before.

It cost $70,000 AUD (£35,000) to set up - and the final product will cost another $26,000 AUD.

If we are honest, it looks sketchy AF but man, it would be a whole lot of fun to say you made your own wave pool.