Just last week, a rare 18ft goblin shark was accidentally caught in a shrimp fisherman's net off the coast of Florida, USA.

Goblin sharks have been described as "the ugliest living sharks" - and we can't help but agree here. Anyone remember that Body Worlds exhibition from Gunther von Hagens a couple of years ago? There's definitely something eerily reminiscent of that here.

Still, sharks do get a bad rep. As clever student Morgan Jackson worked out, if Jack Bauer from 24 was a real person, he would kill 27 times more people per year than your average shark.

This particular bad boy was quickly released back into the water and swam away after this photo was taken. Goblin sharks are very rare creatures, only a handful have ever been seen alive by humans.

It's said to be harmless to humans. Still, you'd be out of the water pretty fast if you were surfing and saw one of these swimming around you!

Take a look at this video to see a small goblin shark in action!