Meet The Surfing Banksy: The Hyper Realist Painter Who Does It All…From His Paddle Board

For most people, just balancing on a paddle board is trickier than juggling axes while off your spleen on MDMA. However, artist Hula - or Sean Yoro as his mom calls him - does a little more than just balance.

Hula 04

He creates these incredible, hyper realistic paintings while out on his board. His works feature women bearing strange markings that like they're straight out of some Mad Max style dystopian vision of a tribal future.

Hula 05

And each painting is created just above the water line, giving the images an even eerier look. Almost as if they're murals depicting deities or leaders that have long-sine been forgotten. Or, you know, they just kind of look a it cool.

Whatever you read into these amazing works of art, what cannot be denied is the skill and craft involved in making them. The New York based artist started out in the world of graffiti and even dabbled in tattoo art. He didn't start painting the human body until he was 21, which is arguably the most incredible part of the story.

Hula 06

If you want to see more work by Hula, click here to check out his instagram.

In a strange way, tHula's work kind of reminds us of the huge Hercules graffiti that's now sadly ben removed from the damn in Tignes.

Tignes hercules

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