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Despite sounding like a Sesame Street version of one of the Kings Of Leon, Jared Munch has just successfully completed a full lap of Lake Superior on a Stand Up Paddle board.

In case you aren't sure why that's a big deal, well, Lake Superior isn't just a clever name. At 127,700km2 in area, it's over 81 times the size of London (although Lake Superior has significantly less fake KFC's).

If that still doesn't make it clear, it's really, really big. Big enough, in fact that it took Munch, a qualified SUP instructor and experienced surfer, two months to circumnavigate.

You could fit London into Lake Superior over 81 times - Photo montage: iStock / Mpora

He paddled the 1,350 mile circumference of the lake to raise money for the Neighbourhood Youth Services in Woodland Hills, a program dedicated to outdoor recreation and encouraging a healthy lifestyle.

"Kayaking around the lake would be too easy, and so many people have already done it." Munch told Outside. "I opted for SUP because I wanted the challenge of it."

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